Shropshire Council

Transition Protocol and Transition Pathway

The protocol and pathway (attached to this page) are to support all the practitioners and agencies in Shropshire that have a responsibility in ensuring young people with special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND) make a successful transition into adulthood. This includes education, health and social care professionals involved in planning and commissioning services as well as those delivering them. 

They have been created and developed by members of teams in education, health and social care who support young people with SEND, and designed to ensure that young people’s aspirations, thoughts and feelings are at the centre all processes that are carried out.

Who should use the protocol and pathway?

The protocol and pathway are suitable for all practitioners who work with a child in year 8 and above with SEND to use or reference. It explains the process and best practice arrangements that education, health, social care and others should be striving to achieve.

People who may find the protocol of most use include:

  • School staff – in readiness for moving into 16+ education or other arrangements
  • Colleges – in readiness for moving on to independent living or further education / work
  • Practitioners – to help you support a child/young person prepare for moving into adult life

What do the protocol and pathway do?

The protocol and pathway outline what practitioners within education, health, and social care (as well as other areas) should be doing at particular points through a young person’s pathway into adulthood. They highlight the key components of work that should be actioned at key phases to enable an effective and consistent approach to preparing young people with SEND for their adult lives.

These documents offer clear guidance on what the local authority and local health services expect to be in place to support a young person and their family.

How will this help the young people I work with?

If the transition protocol and pathway are used effectively we hope this will lead to young people across Shropshire leaving their educational placements and moving between child and adult services more efficiently and more successfully. This should lead to better enabled and empowered young people with SEND entering into their adult lives prepared and equipped to use the right services at the right time and to access their local communities.

With the transition from children’s to adults services being seen as an uncertain time for many families, we hope that the successful implementation of the transition protocol and pathway would reduce stress and anxiety around the process and improve families experiences.