Shropshire Council


The controls for demolition are given in sections 80 – 83 of the Building Act 1984.

The process

A demolition notice is required where you intend to demolish any building or part of a building, unless it's due to a council demolition order, a part of an occupied building, a building less than 50 cubic metres, a greenhouse, conservatory, shed, prefabricated garage or an agricultural building.

This notice should be submitted no later than six weeks prior to the intended start date.

Work should not be started before you've received a counter notice under section 81 of the legislation from the local authority, or when six weeks has elapsed since the notice was submitted.

Please note that failure to comply with the legislation regarding demolition under the 1984 Building Act may result in a summary conviction and a fine up to £2,500 (this fine is changeable without prior notice).

Associated required documents

In order for us to process the demolition notice you must provide:

  • A location plan, clearly indicating the buildings to be demolished, all adjacent properties and existing drainage systems to be sealed
  • A copy of the method statement, indicating safe methods of demolition
  • An application form
  • Payment of £278.40 inc VAT

Further guidance

Please contact us for further guidance.