Shropshire Council

Document copy requests

Building regulations solicitor/homeowner enquiries

Building control records aren't public records, which means there's no public right to view or obtain information submitted under the building regulations. However, the owner of a property or a solicitor acting in the sale of the property can request to view plans or obtain a copy of completion certificates and decision notices as per the guidance on this page.

Please note that building control records are kept for 15 years in accordance with our retention policy.

You can find out whether building regulations are attached to properties on our planning pages by searching for the address.

Completion certificate and decision notices – copy requests

Use our express service to request authenticated duplicates of completion certificates and decision notices, which will be with you within three working days. The owner or owner’s representative should email the request to We charge £34 plus VAT for this service. Once we've received payment we can then retrieve the file and provide a copy.

The fee charged covers researching the enquiry, retrieving records, producing a written response and one copy document (up to an hour's work). All charges are non-refundable, regardless of the outcome of the enquiry, ie we may not hold the requested records.

Copying of plans

Plans and architectural drawings are protected under copyright law, therefore copies can't be reproduced without the express permission of the original copyright owner, ie the producer of the drawing (not the party for whom it was produced). This type of copyright is valid for 100 years from the date of production.

If you require any assistance please don't hesitate to call us on 01743 258 710.