Shropshire Council

Accidents in the workplace

If you've had an accident in the workplace then, depending on the severity of the accident or the amount of time you are off work, your employer may need to report the details.

We're unable to assist you or advise you about making a personal injury claim, as for this you will need specialist legal advice. The Citizens Advice Bureau may be able to help or you could go to a local solicitor.

Accident investigations are carried out for the most serious reported accidents in order to establish if health and safety laws have been followed or broken, and if any action needs to be taken in order to prevent any similar incidents from happening in the future.

If you've had an accident which you think should have been reported and your employer has not done so, or if you feel that your employer has not taken appropriate remedial/preventative action following a serious accident, then please contact us.

Employees at work

Employees have legal obligations under health and safety law.
Every employee must take reasonable care for their own health and safety and that of other people who may be affected by the way they work.

Employees must also co-operate with any requirement imposed on them by their employer for reasons of health and safety, and must not misuse anything provided in the interests of health, safety or welfare.