Shropshire Council

Health and safety complaints

The Prevention and Early Intervention Team investigates serious complaints about health, safety and welfare issues at places of work, for which we're the enforcement authority.

In general, the categories of premises for which we're responsible for the enforcement of health and safety legislation include:

• Shops
• Warehouses
• Offices
• Catering, pubs and hotels
• Residential homes
• Leisure and consumer services

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) are responsible for enforcement in manufacturing and engineering industries, construction sites, agriculture, the transport network and local authority premises.

If you wish to discuss any health, safety or welfare issue in relation to your workplace, please feel free to contact us or you may prefer to fill in the attached form and return it to us at

Please be assured that complaints about a workplace or working conditions are always investigated sensitively, and the complainant's details remain confidential wherever possible. However if you want us to resolve the problem, and we need to take legal action to do it, we may have to disclose your personal details.