Shropshire Council

Transition between schools

The move from primary to secondary school involves extensive changes in the social and learning environment for pupils. Many practitioners identify this transition process as a key intervention point, where poor integration can later result in irregular attendance, isolation, risk-taking behaviour, crime and exclusion.

The Education Access Service has recognised these factors and sought to examine the difficulties faced during the move to secondary school from the perspective of the pupils themselves, identifying their main concerns and highlighting areas where they feel improvements could be made, or where existing good practice could be built upon.

A research project was carried out by The Education Welfare Service in 2008 that consisted of following a group of primary pupils from Shropshire through their last few weeks at primary school, through to their second term at secondary school. These pupils were interviewed, both individually and in groups, and they completed questionnaires throughout this period. The findings from this research were published for schools, citing possible changes pupils felt could be beneficial.

Guidance for schools, pupils and parents has been developed using the research and has been found to be beneficial in assisting a smooth transition.