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Homes for Ukraine Shropshire guidance

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1. Ukrainian heartApply to get involved with the Homes for Ukraine scheme - sponsors should register using the the Gov.UK website.

2. Link with a guest - once a sponsor is matched with a Ukrainian citizen or family the Home Office passes sponsor information to Shropshire Council.

3. Await updates on visa - all Ukrainian guests must apply for a visa via the Gov.UK website.

4. DBS check - once visas have been issued, criminal record checks (DBS checks) will be undertaken. Please note that checks don't need to be carried out before visas are issued. If you haven’t heard from us when you match on Foundry please email us using the details at the bottom of this page so that we can start the process.

5. Property check - Shropshire Council will arrange home visits to undertake safety and wellbeing checks. The visa application process is not delayed while we arrange the property inspection.

6. Confirming guest arrival - let us know once your guest has arrived using MS Forms.

7. Guest payment - Shropshire Council make a payment of £200 to Ukrainian guests (as soon as possible).

8. Welfare checks -Shropshire Council carries out welfare checks with the Ukrainian citizen/families.

9. Host payment - Shropshire Council makes a £350 gift payment to host (in arrears).

10. Follow-up visit - Shropshire Council will revisit the host once their Ukrainian guest arrives for further welfare checks.