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Horse and carriage

Summer preserves -
18 July 10am

Learn how to make a variety of preserves with the smell of summer!

Next running on: 18 July 10am
Horse and carriage

Blooms and berries -
19 July 10am

This preserving workshop is all about capturing the tastes and fragrance of summer berries and bl...

Next running on: 19 July 10am
Horse and carriage

Make a chestnut garden gate -
02 August 10am

Spend a satisfying day developing your woodworking skills crafting a rustic garden gate from swee...

Next running on: 02 August 10am

Also runs on: 23 August

Horse and carriage

Advanced preserving techniques -
22 August 10am

This course is all about taking your preserving knowledge to the next level.

Next running on: 22 August 10am
Horse and carriage

Late summer dyes from the countryside -
23 August 10am

Take a basket and wander through our meadows, investigate the hedgerows and gardens to identify a...

Next running on: 23 August 10am
Horse and carriage

Decorative blacksmithing -
29 August 10am

This two-day course will cover a series of basic blacksmithing techniques. It is suitable for beg...

Next running on: 29 August 10am

Also runs on: 30 August

Horse and carriage

Preserving with honey -
29 August 10am

A must-do course for any beekeepers and their family.

Next running on: 29 August 10am
Horse and carriage

Fabulous felting -
30 August 10am

Create a colourful wet felted purse, glasses case or small bag and embellish with dry needling te...

Next running on: 30 August 10am
Horse and carriage

Make a bent stick chair -
05 September 10am

Create your very own sculptural and natural bentwood chair from sustainably coppiced hazel.

Next running on: 05 September 10am

Also runs on: 06 September

Horse and carriage

Print 'n' stitch -
12 September 10am

Have a lovely creative day printing on fabric with Indian print blocks and fabric paints.

Next running on: 12 September 10am

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