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Education trusts

There are three education trusts in Shropshire (all references to Shropshire include Telford and Wrekin). The trusts are there to help students who either live or study in Shropshire. Also, the trusts may consider applications from schools and further education institutions that might submit applications for projects that fulfil the aims of the trusts. Further information can be found by using the links on this page.

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The trustees include the directors of children's and young people's services and chairs of the scrutiny panels for the respective authorities of Shropshire Council and the Borough of Telford and Wrekin. They will consider each application on its merits.

Applicants should be aware that:

  • Funding in the first year doesn't guarantee funding in further years
  • Award of the full grant sought is unlikely; applicants must consider the effect that less than 100% funding would have on their projects
  • Repeat applications following a granted application: in the event of a second application being made, it's unlikely that a further grant would be awarded. However, this decision is at the discretion of the trustees
  • Please also note that a second application can't be made within three years of the first grant being awarded
  • Application deadlines: it's recommended that applicants submit their requests either by completing the application form attached to this page, or by contacting the Trust Secretary directly using the contact details below.

Priory Educational Trust

This trust was started originally to support pupils of the now closed Priory Boys School. The fund is open to ex-pupils of the school who wish to make an application. Anyone wishing to make an application under this trust must provide evidence of having attended Priory Boys School.

The annual interest can, by permission of the Charity Commission, be used to support applications for small grants for school uniforms submitted to the Shropshire Schools and Further Education Institutions Jubilee Trust.

All applications for support should be made by completing the application form or contacting the secretary – details below.

Rosalie Inskip Music Trust

Nationally renowned local musician Rosalie Inskip left money in her will to encourage and develop music excellence in the county, supporting young musicians who have a particular aptitude. The trust helps young musicians with funding towards instruments and travel to achieve their musical potential.

All applications for support should be made by completing the application form/or contacting the secretary – details below.

The Shropshire Schools and Further Education Jubilee Trust

The object of the trust is to provide and assist in the provision of facilities for education not normally provided by the local education authorities. The trust was initially established from the savings derived from the closure of schools for one day as part of the Queen’s Silver Jubilee in 1977. Over the years some smaller bequests have been subsumed into the Jubilee Trust; these include the ‘James Potter’ bequest. This particular bequest is intended for low-income families and adults who require financial assistance in education, or to pay for an apprenticeship to a trade or profession.

This trust has supported a range of education initiatives, including the development of new play areas in schools. Additionally, it has supported students opting for a gap-year opportunity before higher education, and in special circumstances it has helped mature students access learning and training opportunities.

The above are examples of the types of project that the trust can support. However, each application will be assessed on merit.

Regarding applications, it's with regret that due to lack of funds the decision has been made by the trustees to limit the uniform grant (as part of the Jubilee Trust), therefore it will only be open to those applicants who have not applied before. There's a limited budget for 2023, and once this has gone further applications cannot be accepted.

The uniform grant has now closed for applications for 2023. Please note once the budget has been used up for this year, it will be closed.

Applications to the Shropshire Schools and Further Institutions Jubilee Trust should be made by completing the application form beneath the green button at the top of this page.

Bowdler Educational Foundation

The Bowdler’s Educational Foundation provides small grants for educational purposes to individuals below the age of 25 who reside within the County of Shropshire.

Find out more about this foundation and the application process on our web page.