Shropshire Council

Changes to your adult social care invoices

15 January 2019 Last updated at 11:02

Shropshire Council’s Digital Transformation Programme is redesigning how we deliver services and this will include improvements to the layout of invoices for Adult Social Care. You will begin to see these improvements to the invoices in the spring.

We are currently encountering an issue with the way one of our new systems provides information for the creation of the invoices. As a result you may see multiple lines on your invoice as shown in the example below...

ASC invoice

These lines are for Shropshire Council’s internal accounting purposes and should be ignored. The essential figure is the one stating TOTAL DUE. In the case above, this is £477.08 for the four weeks from 5 November 2018 to 2 December 2018. That means the weekly contribution is £119.27 a week.

We are sorry for the confusion that this has created and are working hard to correct it. If you do have any concerns, please email our Financial Assessment team at or call on 01743 258922, Option 1 for a further explanation.