Shropshire Council

Land ownership

Land and property

If you need to know whether we own a piece of land or property in Shropshire, our Assets and Estate Management Team is a good place to start. We maintain a record of council-owned or leased property, known as the Terrier. We can check the Terrier to see whether a property is in our ownership. If it is, we can put you in touch with the council department responsible for the property. If the property isn't council owned, the next place to try is the Land Registry.

How to make an enquiry about council land ownership

You can view our land ownership records via our interactive land and property map. Please contact us by email or phone to enable us to provide a quick answer regarding our land ownership. We ask that all requests for information are as detailed as possible. This will help us to search and locate the land in question. Helpful details include:

  • Full postal address, including post code
  • Ordnance Survey (OS) grid reference
  • Location plan with highlighted area
  • Any other information deemed relevant

For more information please contact the Asset Management Team:
Telephone: 01743 281082 / 0345 678 9000