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New memorial, Quarry Park, Shrewsbury

Dear Parents and family members,

Having collaborated in recent months with members of Action for Ashes, its Chairman, Mr Glen Perkins MBE and parents who wished to be involved, we are pleased to jointly advise that a new memorial, to be installed within the dingle garden of the Quarry Park, Shrewsbury, has been ordered and is currently being created. The memorial will be a floral artwork of a metal and glass sculpture depicting a Forget-me-Not flower. The Forget-me-Not flower was chosen because of its associated sentiment and symbolism of love, respect, faithfulness and remembrance.

Photo of proposed Forget-me-Not memorial sculpture

The beautiful gardens of the dingle will provide a fitting location for the memorial sculpture and we are sincerely grateful to Shrewsbury Town Council for granting permission for the installation. Herefordshire based artist Jenny Pickford has been commissioned to create the memorial and we aim to have the memorial installed within the dingle early in the new year.

We thank parents and family members for their patience, understanding and contributions to the various consultations.

Glen Perkins MBE, Chair of the Action for Ashes group said;

I am very happy to be able to say that work to create the dingle memorial is now well underway, after much deliberating and careful thought by all parties, an acceptable conclusion has been agreed. Please join me in thanking the creators of this new memorial, and also Mark Foxall, Manager of Shropshire Council’s Bereavement Services who has worked tirelessly to achieve a happy conclusion in line with the wishes of families. I do hope this memorial will be an effective way of remembering your loved ones, with the dignity and respect they deserve.

Thank you for your cooperation throughout this process.

Best wishes,

Update issued 15 December 2021 jointly by

Bereavement Services
On behalf of Shropshire Council

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Mr Glen Perkins MBE
Chairman of Action for Ashes

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