Shropshire Council

Things to consider with a direct payment

General things to consider


To receive a direct payment

  • You must have a separate direct payment bank account (unless it's for a one-off payment)
  • Keep records. Take a look at our 'Money matters' section for more information
  • You'll be financially assessed, and if you're required to contribute this will need to be paid into your direct payment account regularly to ensure that you have enough money to pay for the support you receive 

Things to consider if you employ a personal assistant (PA)

Cards, receipts, coinsIf you use a direct payment to purchase support from a personal assistant, you'll be taking on the responsibilities of an employer. Being an employer can seem daunting, but our 'Employment resources' section will help, and we strongly advise that you use the support of a payroll service.

Things to consider if you use the service of a self-employed PA

WalletIf you use the services of a self-employed PA you're not an employer. The PA is responsible for their own insurance and tax, and they're not eligible for paid leave, holidays, or other statutory pay.

Find out more about the differences between employed and self-employed PAs from the Skills For Care website. 

Things to consider if you use your direct payment to buy support from care agencies or day

Pound signIf you choose to buy support from a care agency or day service provider, the maximum standard rate is £24.69 an hour for care agencies, if higher you will need to discuss with your social care worker. 

To find an agency you can use the Shropshire Support Finder. 

If agency carers support you with personal care (helping you to wash, dress etc) they'll need to be registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC). You can find that out from the CQC website.

Things to consider when using your direct payment for other support

If you use your direct payment creatively, for example to buy equipment, classes or other options (as agreed in your support plan) you'll need to keep copies of invoices/receipts.