Shropshire Council

After a flood

If you have been affected by flooding please make sure you report this to the relevant authority so it can be logged and properly investigated. Information on how to report flooding can be found here

If you’ve had to leave your home, check with the emergency services that it’s safe before you return. If the flood water is still in your property or garden space, please take care as there may be hidden dangers like sharp objects or raised manhole covers.

Once the flood water has subsided it is important that you document the extent of the damage and call your insurance company as soon as possible. Recovering after a flood can be a difficult experience. Useful information on starting the process of recovery can be found on the National Flood Forum website.

Flood water may contain harmful substances like sewage, chemicals and animal waste which could make you unwell. If you come into contact with flood water, wash your hands thoroughly. Information on how to clean your property after a flood event can be found here. You can find general advice about staying healthy after a flood at Public Health England.

February 2020 storms

Following Storm Ciara and Storm Dennis and the subsequent heavy rain, Central Government has provided additional information and financial support to those affected by flooding. You can read about this and other support services here.