Shropshire Council

2-4 years

All of these suggestions will help your pre-school child learn and grow:

  • I like it when we look at and read books together, and make up our own stories
  • I like it when we talk about my day
  • I like to have some routines and boundaries as this helps me to feel safe and understand my world
  • Help me to have a healthy diet so I can continue to grow and develop
  • I like to play with others but I also like to play on my own at times
  • I like to play outside
  • I would like to be able to do things for myself like go to the toilet, get dressed, wash my hands and brush my teeth, but you may need to help at times
  • I might have some additional challenges that require some specialist support or equipment to help me to achieve my personal aspirations. Please speak to my GP or HV if you think this might be the case

To help me to continue to grow, develop and learn, I need….

  • To see the dentist to make sure my teeth are healthy
  • To have my immunisations to protect me from infections and serious illness
  • To have my health checked to make sure I'm growing and developing well, and to help me if I need additional support
  • For you to seek advice when I'm not well
  • To see other people and play with other children