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Conservation areas - FAQs

How do I find out if a property is in a conservation area?

Take a look at our interactive map, which shows the boundaries of all conservation areas in Shropshire.

Individual conservation areas are listed on the following pages:

How are conservation areas chosen for designation?

Conservation areas vary, ranging from historic town centres to industrial areas and rural villages. They're designated usually because of their buildings, but they can also be designated because of their history, architecture, layout or private spaces, such as gardens, parks and greens, trees or street furniture.

Conservation areas give broader protection than listing individual buildings, and all features within an area, listed or otherwise, are recognised as part of its character.

What does designation mean?

Within a conservation area we have extra controls over the following:

  • we're under a duty 'from time to time' to publish and consult on proposals to preserve and enhance a conservation area
  • it's an offence to demolish a building or structure in a conservation area without our consent. There are some exceptions - please ask before taking action
  • Historic England has the power to make grants or loans for preservation or enhancement, although none are currently available
  • permitted development and the right to display advertisements are more limited than elsewhere
  • telecommunications operators have more onerous obligations placed on them
  • we promote the retention of traditional shopfronts. Where replacements are necessary or desirable great care must be taken in their design to ensure compatibility with the building and the street scene
  • we encourage the fullest possible use of accommodation above shops
  • adverts and signs in conservation areas must be designed and produced to a high standard, and be made of materials that don't detract from the character or appearance of the area
  • we promote the retention of traditional street furniture and surfaces, and will seek the suitable replacement of non-conforming street furniture and surfaces

What's a conservation area appraisal, and how can I access one?

A conservation area appraisal sets out what defines the special character of a conservation area, such as its architecture, history, layout, open spaces and landscape. Appraisals are available on request by contacting the Historic Environment Team.

How does living in a conservation area affect me?

If you live in a conservation area, additional planning controls apply. Therefore, planning permission may be required for certain types of development and demolition. Restrictions also apply to any proposed works to trees in a conservation area.

Article 4 directions apply to properties in some conservation areas, which mean further planning controls being placed on certain works.

Not all satellite antennae in a conservation area need planning permission. However, we try to ensure that satellite antennae in conservation areas are carefully sited so as not to detract from the appearance of the area.

What are Article 4 directions?

Article 4 directions remove certain permitted development rights, which means planning permission is required for certain works, eg works to chimneys, replacement doors, windows, roof coverings and boundary walls.

How do I find out if planning permission is required?

Conservation area designation does mean planning permission may be required for certain works. Further details can be found on the Planning Portal website.



How do I apply for planning permission?

If planning permission is required, applications can be submitted online or as paper forms via the Planning Portal website.


What considerations will apply in determining an application for planning permission in a conservation area?

In dealing with planning applications in conservation areas, we're required to 'pay special attention' to the desirability of preserving or enhancing the character or appearance of the area. This means that there's a higher standard of design required in conservation areas than elsewhere.

Planning applications in conservation areas must be advertised as prescribed by regulations.

Are there any restrictions on trees in a conservation area?

It's an offence to cut down, top, lop, uproot, wilfully damage or destroy a tree in a conservation area without having given us six weeks' notice. There are some exceptions - please ask before taking action.