Shropshire Council

Contaminated land public register

Section 78R of the 1990 Environmental Protection Act requires us to maintain a public register of contaminated land. A register entry will be created when one of the following happens:

  • The land is designated a special site
  • A remediation declaration is published
  • A remediation statement is published
  • A remediation notice is served

This means we don't have to put the notification that the land is contaminated on the register until one of these actions has been undertaken. At this point much of the information that was contained in the original notification will be included in the register entry.

The summary of the public register gives basic information about the number of contaminated land sites recorded on the register.

Viewing the full register

The public register may be viewed Monday to Friday during normal office hours at:

Abbey Foregate

Please contact us to make an appointment to view the register.

There's no charge for accessing the public register, but any photocopying of information may incur a small administration charge.