Shropshire Council

Reporting an allegation of food poisoning

If you wish to make a report against a specific business with regards to food poisoning this can be done via the Food Standards Agency website. Please see their comments and complaints page.

The team may then request more information before the matter will be considered. This may include details of symptoms, times and dates of foods eaten and other possible links.

Some food poisoning caused by common pathogenic food poisoning bacteria can only be confirmed by providing a faecal sample. If you've not provided a faecal sample, you may be asked to do so via your GP to assist the investigation. If you'd like more information on faecal samples click here.

The Health Protection Team will only look into complaints of food poisoning in the following instances:

  1. Where we have received laboratory confirming food poisoning. You can contact your GP to arrange this.
  2. Where a person has food poisoning and works handling food.
  3. Where we have multiple cases of illness not contained within a family unit.

Anonymous complaints will not be investigated.

Please be aware that food poisoning bacteria have different incubation times (the time from eating the food to becoming ill) and are often associated with certain food types. It is important to realise therefore, that the last meal you ate may not be the cause of your symptoms.