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Economic Growth Strategy

  • Period: 13 March 2017 - 28 April 2017
  • Status: Closed
  • Audiences: Everyone, Businesses
  • Topics: Business and economy, Big Conversation
  • Type: Public

Why are we consulting on a new Economic Strategy?

There have been significant changes in the field of economic development over the last few years. A number of different research and engagement exercises have developed a robust evidence base upon which a new strategy can be based. The different sources of research, alongside feedback from our partners and communities highlight that there are many new ways of working, challenges and opportunities that can be considered and responded to.

The time is right for a new economic vision and strategy for the county: one that can help to unite all sectors (private, public and voluntary) in a combined effort to build on and achieve economic prosperity for the county.

Which methods of engagement are being used?

Within the consultation period a mixed method of engagement will be used to obtain as much feedback as possible. Engagement opportunities include:

  • Feedback survey
  • Email feedback options for more detailed comments
  • Presentations and discussions at meetings and events
  • Workshops and focus groups

How can I get involved?

You can complete a short survey. It should take you approximately 10-15 minutes to complete depending on how many comments you make. Click on the 'How to get involved' tab above to access the survey.

You can also provide feedback by email. Please title your email Economic Strategy Consultation and email:

We will be visiting different stakeholder groups and attending a range of meetings during the consultation period. If you would like to find out more about face to face engagement opportunities please email

How will the feedback be used?

Your feedback will be used to develop the final Strategy and to assist in the development of an action plan, which will help us to ensure:

  • All actions are defined and understood
  • There are clear priorities
  • Delivery responsibilities are confirmed
  • Targets and timescales are set
  • Measures of success are in place and monitored regularly

We will also issue a consultation feedback report and make copies available on the Council’s website. You have the opportunity to request a copy of the consultation feedback report by completing the survey (see question 14).

When will the results of the consultation be available?

Depending on the feedback we receive, we may need to undertake some detailed engagement on particular topics. If the feedback does not raise any significant areas for further research we anticipate that the results of the consultation will be available in early June 2017.

What evidence was used to inform the new strategy?

A range of different evidence base documents, research and feedback have been used to develop the draft Strategy and new evidence is also being collected on a regular basis. Examples include:

Building an economic vision for Shropshire

This research document, developed for Shropshire Council and University Centre Shrewsbury by IPPR North in late 2016, considers a number of economic themes such as growth and productivity, labour market, sectoral composition, skills and education. A case for change is set out with key recommendations for Shropshire Council under the themes of people, place, private sector and public sector. (A table illustrating how the priority actions from this report have informed the draft Economic Growth Strategy is included as part of the consultation material).

IPPR Shropshire economic analysis report

Evidencing the draft Economic Growth Strategy

Shropshire Economic Profile 2017

Shropshire Council’s Economic Profile includes a wealth of economic data and information. The report sets out the context we are working within, (e.g. commuting patterns and deprivation) and demographic data. Key themes cover labour force, employment and unemployment, Skills and occupations, earnings and Shropshire’s business base (covering many factors such as business locations, size, start-ups, closures, employment density and business sectors). Gross Value Added (GVA) is also analysed by sector.

Shropshire economic profile 2017

Shropshire Council’s Big Conversation – Economic Feedback

The Big Conversation is a five year programme.  It was launched in November 2015 and its overall aim is to engage with individuals, communities and stakeholders across Shropshire about the financial challenges that Shropshire Council faces, to better understand perceptions of service spending priorities, ways to make savings and increase local involvement in delivering services. The Big Conversation Survey 2016 covered the main themes within Shropshire Council’s Corporate Plan: Your Community; Healthy People and Prosperous Economy. The feedback on the theme of Economic Prosperity (received by the 6th March) has been summarised to inform the Economic Strategy consultation.

Big conversation - economic feedback

Shropshire Council’s Economic Redesign Research 2014/15

During 2014/15 Shropshire Council undertook a detailed piece of research work. The research was used to inform an internal restructure and identify areas of improvement. The research was designed as a bottom-up, community focused approach and included a detailed look at a specific area (Pontesbury and Minsterley). The findings of the research were very informative and the community approach led to significant learning for Shropshire Council. Some of the findings are summarised into a short document and attached.

Shropshire Council's economic redesign research 2015

Other important documents

The draft Strategy also informs and/or links to:

Who will be involved in the consultation?

The main stakeholder groups we will be engaging with during the consultation period include:

  • Local businesses
  • Business partnerships and support bodies
  • Partnerships and providers of learning, skills and employment opportunities
  • Rural and environmental partnerships
  • Public Sector bodies
  • Town and Parish Councils
  • Housing providers
  • Voluntary and Community Sector organisations (including social enterprise)
  • Shropshire Council Elected Members and Officers

What is the Council’s role in developing economic prosperity?

Developing a clear economic vision and strategy is a key milestone in setting out the Council’s ambition to grow the local economy, which is one of the key objectives of the Council’s corporate plan 2016/17 to 2018/19. As a Council, we recognise that we have a key role to play in supporting and developing economic growth across Shropshire for the benefit of businesses, residents and our communities. Economic growth is also a key financial tool for our own sustainability as a Local Authority given the reductions in funding from Central Government and our ability to retain more business rates locally to support services in the future.

We have a key opportunity to use our own investment power and assets, our services and influences to maximise economic growth and importantly to create the environment for the private sector to succeed in Shropshire. Enabling and facilitating the businesses and investment to flourish in the County is an important part of our role and route to successful economic productivity.

The vision set out will only be achieved by working collaboratively across the public and private sectors and with our communities. Working with the West Midlands Combined Authority and Marches LEP as our key strategic partnerships and with our neighbouring authorities is important for us to deliver our strategy by being a part of a broader economic geography and joining larger investment propositions and campaigns.


The strategy has now been implemented. Find out more from our 'Business support' pages.

Having read the draft strategy, you can access our short online survey by clicking on the green button. This survey should only take around 10-20 minutes of your time to complete and we will consider your feedback in finalising the Economic Growth Strategy 2017-2021.

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