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Shrewsbury Integrated Transport Package

  • Period: 09 February 2016 - 29 March 2016
  • Status: Closed
  • Audiences: Everyone
  • Topics: Transport
  • Type: Public

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Background and vision

The Marches Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) has identified Shrewsbury as an ‘urban powerhouse’ and ‘growth point’, and therefore key to the economic wellbeing of Shropshire. It also acknowledges the Shrewsbury Integrated Transport Package (SITP) as a priority project for Shropshire because of the important role transport plays in a successful economy.

To secure funding for the SITP, we've submitted a transport business case to The Marches LEP which demonstrates how the SITP will support the delivery of long-term economic benefits and sustainable growth for Shrewsbury and the surrounding area.

The proposed SITP aligns closely with a number of national, regional and local policy documents. These include The Marches Strategic Economic Plan, Local Transport Plan, Local Development Framework, Place Plan, and regeneration plans. These strategies make it clear that transport investment should benefit all modes of transport and respect and enhance the environment.

The core objectives of the SITP are:

  • to contribute to economic growth; new jobs and new homes
  • to alleviate congestion on the inner relief road; improving key junctions, and altering junction priorities
  • to reduce the volume of traffic flows through the historic and commercial town centre
  • to improve the reliability of journey times; for commuters and visitors travelling in and out of Shrewsbury
  • to improve air quality in the town centre
  • to encourage sustainable modes of transport by adding missing links to current pedestrian and cycle routes
  • to enhance the built environment; which will promote a more positive experience and the visitor economy
  • to improve safety for all road users, which will encourage the use of sustainable transport modes

What is in the SITP?

It's a package of transport measures designed to improve the transport system in Shrewsbury and stimulate a new period of sustainable economic growth within the town and the surrounding area. The proposed package includes:

  • key junction improvements at Reabrook Roundabout, Meole Brace Roundabout, English Bridge Gyratory and Coleham Head. These would involve upgrading current highway infrastructure, including traffic signals to improve vehicle capacity and pedestrian and cycle facilities, with the aim of reducing congestion
  • implementing further phases of the SCOOT* network to improve traffic signal operation and manage traffic flows on main arterial routes. This would include new VMS (variable message signage), which would direct town centre through-traffic onto the inner relief road or alternatively, towards car parks and park and ride facilities.

* SCOOT (split cycle offset optimisation technique) is a technology for managing and maximising the efficiency of traffic signal junctions in urban areas.

  • enhancements to pedestrian and cycle links to increase accessibility to the town centre for active and sustainable modes of transport and improve awareness of these links in Shrewsbury
  • improved pedestrian wayfinding* within and around the ‘river loop’ to generate a highly accessible and connected town centre for pedestrians

*Wayfinding within SITP refers to information systems that guide people through and around the town, and enhance their understanding and experience of it.

  • enhancements to the public realm*, such as Pride Hill, Shrewsbury Square and Mardol to improve the public realm and highlight pedestrian facilities. This closely links to the traffic management measures

*The public realm refers to all the spaces between buildings that can be freely accessed, it encompasses all outdoor areas including roads, parks, squares, pedestrian routes and cycleways.

SITP funding

Funding for the proposed SITP has been secured and will comprise a total of £12.1m of investment in the town. This has been secured through the following sources:

  • c.50% funded through The Marches LEP Regional Growth Fund
  • c.50% funded through Shropshire Council’s developer contributions

Consultation, design and procurement is taking place in 2016. The outline construction programme is set out below:



Key Junctions :

Meole Brace Roundabout

Reabrook Roundabout

Coleham Head

English Bridge Gyratory






Pride Hill




Variable message signs


Town centre packages


Sustainable Corridors / Pedestrian and Cycle route Enhancement


Pedestrian Wayfinding


Getting involved

To take part in this consultation, just click on the 'How to get involved' tab at the top of this page and complete the questionnaire.

Further information

All background information relating to the SITP is attached to this page under 'Documents'.

Update (22 July 2016) - final consultation report

The final consultation report and associated appendices have now been attached to this page.


Update (22 July 2016) - final consultation report

The final consultation report and associated appendices have now been attached to this page (under the 'Proposal' tab).

We want to know what you think about our proposals for:

  • improved walking and cycling routes in and around Shrewsbury
  • key junction improvements around Shrewsbury
  • traffic management and speeds within the town centre
  • wayfinding
  • proposals for town centre enhancements
  • enhancing the street environment on Pride Hill

Please provide us with your feedback by completing our questionnaire. 

All questionnaires should be submitted by Tuesday 29 March 2016.

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