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Census 2021

Census 2021 results

In response to the phased release of the 2021 census results by the Office for National Statistics, the Business Development: Data, Analysis, and Intelligence Team at Shropshire Council are publishing analysis in different formats to meet the needs of website users. Below is a list of the analysis currently available, and also products under development or planned.

First results (released by ONS on the 28 June 2022)

  • Key facts on population and households
  • Summary infographics
  • A table showing a numerical breakdown of these results for Shropshire

Phase 1 topic summary bulletins (data released by ONS, October 2022 to January 2023)

2021 census news releases can be viewed on the Shropshire Council Newsroom website, published in response to each topic release. Just search for ‘2021 Census.’

Area profiles (under-development)

Phase 1 results integrated into Shropshire area profiles for electoral divisions and market towns. When parish and town council data is available these profiles will also be updated.

Phase 2 – detailed multi-variate data (release started in April 2023)

Detailed analysis to support decision-making and service planning at Shropshire Council on an area / thematic basis (dependent on priorities.) This is intended to supply an enhanced understanding of:

  • Armed forces veterans in Shropshire
  • Shropshire’s older population
  • Gender identity and sexual orientation
  • Urban and rural communities in Shropshire

Phase 3 – flow data analysis (no release data available from ONS)

  • Workplace flow data
  • Migration flow data in the year leading up to the 2021 census
  • Student flow data
  • Second address flow data

Products available from the Office for National Statistics

Further ONS planned releases

  • Results for alternative or small population bases (late spring / early summer 2023)
  • Detailed migration data and origin-destination of ‘flow’ data (migration, workplace, second address and student flows)
  • Microdata samples for academic research purposes

Find out more from the ONS website.

Why is the census important?

The census is a survey that takes place every ten years. It gives us the most accurate estimate of all people and households in England and Wales and builds a snapshot of our society.

The census information will help shape communities in Shropshire by helping to plan services such as schools, doctors’ surgeries, hospital beds, housing, and cycle lanes.

It's useful for Shropshire Council, central government, and other public bodies to:

  • Plan services for now and in the future, eg education, social services, roads, health services
  • Develop policies and plans
  • Help to ensure that funding and services go where they're needed the most. For example, looking at the housing and household information helps us to plan how many houses should be built, where they should be built and what type are needed for the future. Also, looking at population changes can determine how services and funding will need to respond in the future
  • The information from the census is also very useful for voluntary organisations and charities, academics and students, businesses, and genealogists. The census has a wealth of useful information which helps to identify future trends and to plan for the future
  • The census information will help shape communities in Shropshire by helping to plan services such as schools, doctors’ surgeries, hospital beds, housing, and cycle lanes