Shropshire Council

Libraries FAQs

What is my library card number?

Your library card number is the first 12 characters (beginning with DD) on the front of the card above the barcode.


I've lost or damaged my library card, how do I get a replacement?

To get a replacement card please visit your local library. A replacement library membership card will be £1.40

How much will I be charged for overdue items?

Take a look at our prices page.

Why am I charged when I forget to return an item?

Charges are levied to encourage borrowers to return items so they are available for others to enjoy. Concessions are available to some groups of members. For a full explanation please see the Library Charging Policy.

I can't find the book I am looking for, will the library get it for me?

If a book, or any other item is not in stock you may request it. The library will try to get a copy for you. If it is suitable for stock and available to buy it will be bought for the library if not it may be possible to borrow a copy from another library outside Shropshire; there is an extra charge for this service.

Can I put up a display or exhibition in the library?

You can if there is space available and it meets the required standards, for more detail please see the Library exhibition and display policy.

I find it difficult to use or visit the library, what can I do?

Is it because of a disability, because you are housebound or because you have caring responsibilities? You could apply for a concessionary library card which means that you can receive some extra library services free of charge. If you also find it difficult through age, illness, disability or care commitments to travel to your local library and you do not have a relative, neighbour or friend who can be your volunteer, we will try to find a volunteer for you through the Home Library Service. We are always looking for volunteers to help run the Home Library Service, if you think you can help please have a look at the Volunteering page.