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Pedlar's certificate advice


You may need a pedlar’s certificate if you sell door to door or in the street without a stall or fixed location.

To be a pedlar you must:

  • Trade on foot
  • Carry your goods with you (although case law has suggested that a small means of transporting goods may be acceptable)
  • Generally keep on the move, pausing to make sales

How to apply

Certificates are issued by the police in the area in which you have resided for the previous month. You must be above 17 years of age, a person of good character, and in good faith intend to trade as a pedlar.

A fee of £12.25 will be charged and the certificate will remain in force for one year.

Once issued you're entitled to trade as a pedlar in any part of the UK providing the certificate remains in force, but you should note that in some local authority areas, and across London, pedlary is restricted to door to door selling.

Certificates aren't required by commercial travellers, sellers of fish, fruit, or victuals or people selling at markets or fairs.

If you fall outside the definition of pedlar you may be a street trader and require a street traders’ licence.

You must produce your licence on request.

Fines and penalties

If you trade as a pedlar without a certificate or give or lend your licence to someone else to use, you may be fined up to £200. If you provide false information to obtain a licence, forge, help forge or carry or use a forged licence you may be fined up to £200, imprisoned for up to six months or both. Your licence will be endorsed to show any convictions.

How much will it cost?

This is no cost for this licence.

Apply now

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