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Shropshire Supports Refugees - latest news this month

10 June 2024 Last updated at 10:15

Shropshire Supports Refugees (SSR) daily provides Ukrainians with useful information, such as webinars, free online and offline ESOL resources & classes for children and adults, employment, volunteering and training opportunities, all the important info regarding independent life in the UK with guides and tips, updates with Ukrainian translation by SSR staff members and many more. At the same time, SSR doesn’t stop at only daily informational support but also provides health and wellbeing signposting, distribution donations, collaboration with numerous external organisations, up-to-date cloud-based guides in the Ukrainian language, delivers daily support on site and off site, provides a full timetable of ESOL classes both in person and online, and runs events and activities. The second part of May saw a full and varied activity timetable in a bid to reach more Ukrainians across the county.

Art classes for children & film

On 18/05/24, an art class was held at the Hub for children, where they drew cartoon characters and had a great time together. On the same day, there was a screening of the film "Women" at the Severn Theatre in Shrewsbury by a very talented Lora Arkhypenko.

On 01/06/24, an art class for children took place at the Hub, where they drew recipes of their favourite dishes and learned the basics of composition.


SSR organised 5 workshops:

  • "Textile printing workshop" in collaboration with The Hive (25/05/24; using printmaking techniques, letter stamps, images and words, Ukrainians made a quilt together by creating and combining its individual parts, decorated with what "Home" means to them);
  • "Weaving workshop" (28/05/24; Ukrainians experimented with willow to create beautiful and unique willow flowers in vibrant natural colours from different varieties of home-grown, and local basketry willows under the guidance of an experienced willow artist, Sophie Francis);
  • "Paper crafting workshop" in collaboration with The Hive (30/05/24; Ukrainians created a unique map of places which are close to their hearts with the help of watercolour paints and pens);
  • "Print & collage workshop" in collaboration with The Hive (30/05/24; using paints, tapes and stickers, Ukrainians had an opportunity to create happy slogans, positive messages, and powerful statements for a banner, placard, poster to uplift and inspire people, to tell what is important to Ukrainians and what's their experience);
  • "Wood craft workshop" in collaboration with The Hive (31/05/24; Ukrainians created their very own little magical wooden doors, inspired by their thoughts about their home now, home from the past and a home they hope for the future).

Both adults and children were taking part in these workshops and their creations will form part of the Art Exhibition at Theatre Severn, Shrewsbury, in celebration of Refugee Week. SSR received a lot of positive feedback from the participants.


On 25/05/24, a free yoga class for children 4–15 years old was held at the Hub. These classes are conducted by a certified trainer with an education in psychology. Yoga is not only a set of exercises for the development of body and soul, which help to achieve harmony of body, mind and spirit, lightness, peace of mind, balance and endurance, but also a deep philosophy that changes life.

The next free yoga classes at the Hub will be on 08/06/24 and 29/06/24 from 1:00 to 3:00 pm for children aged 4–15. All children are welcome!

Free sessions and counselling

SSR still runs a non-contact boxing programme "We Can" for children aged 9–14, free Swedish massage sessions at the Hub, free yoga classes at the Hub for children, free support on legal issues from a Ukrainian lawyer with a total experience of more than 11 years in jurisprudence, and free (according to their income) counselling at the Hub from a team of highly qualified counsellors who are ready to listen and provide invaluable mental and emotional support, as well as expert guidance.


Shropshire Supports Refugees is conducting several surveys (whether Ukrainians would be interested in free acupuncture sessions & free employment and coaching sessions and where Ukrainians would like to go this summer with Shropshire Supports Refugees), which Ukrainians still can complete. Another survey was recently added to this list: are Ukrainians interested in visiting the gym at The Quarry Swimming & Fitness Centre in Shrewsbury for free?! Everyone's opinion is important to SSR!

Celebration of cultures

23/06/24 Shropshire Supports Refugees will be running a "Celebration of Cultures" event, 10 am - 1 pm, at The Hive (5 Belmont, Shrewsbury, SY1 1TE). SSR invites everyone to join them for a morning of celebration of cultures with planned activities, entertainment, food sharing, and fun! Come along, bring a food-sharing dish (optional) and join in this celebration of people. Everyone is welcome!

Art exhibition

In the second half of May, besides the daily support, SSR was very busy getting ready for the art exhibition called "Our Home", which will be held in Shrewsbury at the Theatre Severn (08/06/24-24/06/24). It will be a creative exhibition celebrating the contributions, creativity and resilience of refugees and people seeking sanctuary. Everyone who has contributed to this exhibition has been invited to creatively share, what “Our Home” means to them. SSR invites everyone to the official opening of the exhibition, which will take place on 08/06/24 at 11:00 am.

Shropshire Supports Refugees has organised a lot of different activities/events for adults and children and is planning to do even more over the summer! Soon SSR will inform Ukrainians of the new activities/events calendar in June, which SSR is currently working on.