Shropshire Council

Local land charge searches and Con29 form

Buying land or property in Shropshire

When buying land or property, you or your solicitor may request an official local land charges search. In Shropshire this is submitted to our Local Land Charges Department. The highway-related questions are sent to the Highways Development Team for completion who then liaise with the Land Charges Department. If you want to submit a local land charge search follow this link to visit the land charge webpage.

Please note, a local land charge search will reveal if a road is adopted or subject to an agreement, however, it will not provide the extent of the highway.

How can I get information on the extent of the highway?

The cost for information on the extent of the highways may vary and it is advised you contact us for advice before sending in the request for payment. The standard rate is £90, and is zero rated for VAT purposes. If your property is a large estate or commercial premises, the cost is likely to be £115. For first estate registration charges are likely to be greater. Please submit a plan at a scale of 1:1250, with the area or areas of interest clearly marked. You will receive a plan indicating the extent of Highway boundary within the search area. This is based on information held at the time, and subject to change.

It is also possible to carry out a personal search of the Local Land Charges register and to request other information under the Environmental Information Regulations – some of which may relate to Highway matters. If you wish to take this option then the process is as follows:-

How can I get highway information for a personal search?

Under section 36.6 of the Highways Act (1980), the highways authority is required to hold a list of streets within the unitary area which are highways-maintainable at the public expense. The list is available on request from the reception desk at Shirehall.

Other highway information to enable a Con29 (R) to be completed can be accessed by either submitting a full local authority search, or by asking specific questions from the Con29 form. Requests for this service should, in the first instance, be addressed to Local Land Charges (visit their pages for details)

Can I view roads on an interactive map?

Yes, by using our interactive mapping layer, follow this link to visit the map. Please note that this mapping system should not be used for highway searches.