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Useful links

Winter driving

You can get advice on driving in winter conditions from our winter maintenance leaflet. Additional advice on clearing snow and ice from footways can be found in our self-help guide.   

For further guidance visit the following websites:

Winter weather

We can't provide the public with accurate weather forecasts. However, for further information on winter weather and road reports listen to Shropshire's local radio stations:

Local stations usually provide hourly reports. Updates may be provided more frequently during poor winter conditions.

You can also view daily weather forecasts online on the BBC, Met Office, Free Radio and Signal 107 websites.

Winter maintenance service on other roads

You can find out about how Shropshire's motorways and trunk roads are maintained during the winter by visiting the Highways England website. Additionally, find out which roads are maintained by Telford & Wrekin by visiting the Telford & Wrekin winter maintenance webpages.

Live updates

Every time our weather forecasting system from Meteogroup UK or one of our inspectors on the ground reports that snow or ice is predicted, our gritters are ready to get out there!

Follow @ShropCouncil on Twitter for live updates on when and where the gritters are out in Shropshire. 

We’ve also teamed up with councils across the West Midlands to provide a regional picture of who’s gritting and when. You can get these direct from Twitter by following the hashtag: #wmgrit.