Shropshire Council

DfT pothole funding

12 September 2019 Last updated at 09:29

In November 2018, DfT announced that an additional £7.3 million would be provided to Shropshire Council for highways maintenance in addition to funding previously allocated from the Pothole Action Fund. We've used this additional funding to carry out much needed resurfacing work and remove many potholes from the network, such as the work done at Princess Drive in Bridgnorth...

Before and after maintenance

DfT funding 1  DfT funding 2

The following schemes are also being delivered using this funding:


  • A458 at Morville Heath
  • B4555 at Knowle Sands
  • Princess Drive, Bridgnorth
  • Muckley Cross to Beaconhill
  • Park View, Broseley
  • B4375 Bethnal Lane to Jack Mytton Way
  • B4363 Kinlet Bank End to B4555 Junction Norton End
  • C4226 Oakwood Road, Bent Lane to Hillside Junction


  • B4499 Hogstow Bank
  • B4364 Bromdon
  • A489 Plowden
  • Rockhill to Llwyn Road Junction
  • Listley Street, Bridgnorth
  • B4371 Church Stretton to Divisional Boundary
  • Bank Farm Road, Riplet
  • Clee Stanton to Riplet
  • Bedlam Raod, Bitterley
  • Callow Lane, Bromlow
  • Wotherton to Rorrington
  • Burnt House Bank, Clee St Margaret
  • Harton Junction to Eaton Cottage Junction
  • Balaams Heath Junction to Divisional Boundary
  • B4368 Junction to Rowe Lane Junction
  • Broncroft Junction to Tugford
  • Balaams Heath to Tugford
  • Sandy Lane to Beambridge Junction
  • Clee St Margaret to Stoke Bank


  • Drury Lane, Hope
  • Pump House Lane, Chavel
  • The Portway, Picklescott


  • A53 at Stanton Upon Hine Heath
  • A41 at Bletchley Southbound
  • A442 Espley Roundabout to Radmoor Farm Junction, Hodnet
  • Chatwell Lane, A41 to Chadwell.
  • Mill Green
  • U3244 Peplow
  • A49 Hadnall to Sandy Lane
  • A41 Bletchley Dual Carriageway End to Junction B5065 to Wem
  • A49 Hinton Bank Roundabout to County Boundary
  • B5476 Tilstock Roundabout to Tilstock 30mph sign
  • B5476 Broughton crossroads to Wem
  • B5063 Junction with B3476 to Junction with A49
  • Staffordshire Boundary, Doley to Marsh Lane Junction


  • B5068 at St Martins
  • Shrewsbury Road, Baschurch
  • Weston Road, Oswestry
  • C1019 at St Martins
  • A528 Cockshutt to Burlton