Shropshire Council

Resilient network

The resilient network is part of our highway network. It is just under 400km long compared with the whole network of more than 5,100km. The following criteria have been used to form this network:

  • Economic activity is supported by connecting main towns using principal roads or the trunk road network where possible and ensuring that town centres, key transport sites and key waste sites are served by the network.
  • Access to key services is protected by ensuring that key locations for emergency services and the local authority are served by the network.

How is it used?

The resilient network is a tactical tool with which priority can be given to minimise the impacts extreme weather. The following tactics may be invoked depending on the requirement of each type of asset:

  • Additional maintenance interventions may be used to ensure the asset continues to function.
  • Funding can be prioritised to mitigate the onset of deterioration in the asset.
  • Works in the programme can be fast tracked to reduce the risk of failure in the asset.

The resilient network is also used to improve our planning for these extreme weather events so that disruption in the County can be minimised.

How do we ensure it remains relevant?

The basic network was identified using the criteria with our data on business areas and locations for key services. Representatives the local business community were then consulted to ensure that the main areas of economic activity had been captured. The network will undergo a regular review to ensure that it remains relevant as services and business change within the County.

Is it related to the winter maintenance network?

Yes, the resilient network is a part of the winter maintenance network which is a defined network on which we plan to undertake precautionary salting. The winter maintenance network is much more extensive than the resilient network as it aims to prevent the formation of ice on main roads, high risk roads and all distributor roads.

Where is it?

The map attached to this page shows the sections of the highway network which have been identified using the criteria to form the resilient network. These are shown as thick red lines.