Shropshire Council

Road closure for street party

What is a street party?

Street parties and fetes are get-togethers that groups of residents arrange for their neighbours. The main differences between a street party or fete and larger public events are listed below:

Differences between street parties and public events

Street party

Public Event (Temporary event notice required)

For residents and surrounding neighbours Anyone can attend
Publicity only for residents External publicity (such as online or posters)
In a house or garden, local green space, or a quiet residential road In a public building or park
Providing your own food Hot foot and drinks served after 11pm
No sale of alcohol Sale of alcohol
No live music Live music
No entrance fee Entrance fee
Selling tickets for a raffle for a charity or good cause on the day and your prizes are less than £500 Selling raffle tickets in advance

What you need to do

Remember the emergency services

An Emergency can happen at any time and may involve a premises within the street, but not part of the street party.

Some, mainly business, premises are on auto dial to Alarm Receiving Centres so you may not be aware that we are on our way to an Automatic Fire Alarm in your street and need access.

As the event organiser(s), you need to be aware of this likelihood and maildrop all business, flats and homes on your street so that they are aware of the street closure and your street party.

On the day

  • Ensure the road closure signs or barriers used to close the street are easily moveable to allow quick access for attending Fire or other emergency services
  • Consider using easily moveable wheelie bins, do not park vehicles across the street
  • Do not block the road with large obstacles, such as heavy tables or large gazebos that require time to dismantle or move
  • Ensure any vehicles moved out of the street, to give more room for the street party, do not block access to neighbouring premises and streets
  • A fire appliance will need at least a 3.5 m width too pass through any obstacle or street
  • Do not block or cover over Fire Hydrants

For more information on street parties, please take a look at our street parties and fetes page and the guidance notes attached to this page. For more general information on planning an event, please take a look at our planning an event section.

Please use the form below to submit an application for a temporary road closure for a street party only.