Shropshire Council

Scaffolding or hoarding licence

If you'd like to erect scaffolding or hoarding on or over a public highway you'll need to apply for a licence. Before applying, please read the guidance notes attached to this page.

Note: There are three embargo periods operated across Shropshire market towns during which time only emergency works are permitted. Dates fall as follows:

  • Christmas - between the second Monday in November and the Monday following the first week in January
  • Good Friday - for ten days (usually in March)
  • Flower show – 1 week in August

Applications must be made at least ten working days (excluding Saturdays) before the date you would like to erect the scaffolding or hoarding. If you need to carry out emergency work sooner, you must contact the Street Works Team as soon as possible before erecting any scaffolding or hoarding.


Our current application fees can be found on our application fees page.

Guidance for completing your application is available on the form. After completing the form you'll receive an email detailing any additional documentation you'll need to provide. Once all documentation has been received you'll be contacted by a member of the team to take payment over the phone by credit/debit card. Please note that we no longer accept cheque payments.

Before submitting your application, please check with our Planning Department whether or not planning permission is required for the work.