Shropshire Council

Section 58 restrictions

A section 58 restriction, under the New Roads and Street Works Act 1991, allows a local authority to protect a street from any planned street works following any major surfacing works. This restriction can be in place for up to five years depending on the type of work that has taken place.

A proposed section 58 notice will be submitted in advance of the date on which works are expected to finish, providing utility companies or private contractors/developers an opportunity to conduct their works in advance of the restriction coming into force. As per table 6.3.2 of the Street Works Code of Practice Guidance, details of the proposed restrictions need to be published on the website.

This process promotes better works planning and co-ordination, helps minimise disruption to road users, and helps to prolong the life of the roads.

A section 58 restriction doesn't prevent emergency works (such as gas escapes or loss of power) or customer connections from taking place. However, customer connections must not be undertaken until at least 21 days after the completion of the resurfacing works.

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