Shropshire Council

What's included in the SITP?

The SITP is a package of transport measures designed to improve the transport system in Shrewsbury, and stimulate a new period of sustainable economic growth within the town and the surrounding area. The proposed package includes:

  • Key junction improvements at Reabrook Roundabout, Meole Brace Roundabout, English Bridge Gyratory and Coleham Head. These would involve upgrading current highway infrastructure, including traffic signals to improve vehicle capacity and pedestrian and cycle facilities, with the aim of reducing congestion
  • Implementing further phases of the SCOOT* network to improve traffic signal operation and manage traffic flows on main arterial routes. This would include new VMS (variable message signage), which would direct town centre through-traffic onto the inner relief road or, alternatively, towards car parks and park and ride facilities.

* SCOOT (split cycle offset optimisation technique) is a technology for managing and maximising the efficiency of traffic signal junctions in urban areas.

  • Enhancements to pedestrian and cycle links to increase accessibility to the town centre for active and sustainable modes of transport, and improve awareness of these links in Shrewsbury
  • Improved pedestrian wayfinding* within and around the ‘river loop’ to generate a highly accessible and connected town centre for pedestrians

*Wayfinding within SITP refers to information systems that guide people through and around the town, and enhance their understanding and experience of it.

  • Enhancements to the public realm*, such as Pride Hill, Shrewsbury Square and Mardol to improve the public realm and highlight pedestrian facilities. This closely links to the traffic management measures

*The public realm refers to all the spaces between buildings that can be freely accessed, it encompasses all outdoor areas including roads, parks, squares, pedestrian routes and cycleways.