Shropshire Council

Children missing education (CME)

Children missing from education are those children of compulsory school age who aren't on a school roll, or being educated otherwise, and have been out of education for a substantial period of time, usually four weeks or more.

Roles and responsibilities

We're required to identify all children of compulsory school age who reside in the county and who aren't in receipt of education, and then help them to access appropriate provision. Schools, pupil referral units and other services and agencies that come into contact with children and young people are required to take part in the process to reduce children becoming at risk of going missing, and also in the admission and tracking procedures. A strategy group meets each term to evaluate, monitor and amend procedures. 

Named officer for Children Missing Education: 

Christine Kerry
Education Access Service team manager
Education Access Service
Abbey Foregate

Tel: 01743 254397