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Mental health and wellbeing

One in four adults experiences at least one mental health problem in any given year. People in all walks of life can be affected at any point in their lives. Mental health problems represent the largest single cause of disability in the UK.

Whether you're concerned about your own mental health or that of someone else, making the decision to seek help is a positive step. If you choose to seek medical help then the various options that may be available can make the process seem hard to navigate, and perhaps a little off-putting.

For many, the first contact with a professional can be extremely daunting. How do I explain how I am feeling? What will happen to me? What if I get upset and start to cry? Will I have to take medication? Often our thoughts are negative, and yet we're seeking help because we want things to change, to feel better, to improve our situation. The first appointment can be the first step towards achieving this.

How do I ask for help?

There are a number of ways you can get help: