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Future Ready Homes: Summer comfort — keeping cool at home in a warming climate

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Overheating is a serious issue and despite the usual assumptions about poor British weather, experts are warning us that our housing stock may not suitably protect us against increasing rises in summer temperatures, such as those experienced in the July 2022 heatwave.

But before you rush out to buy air conditioning and cooling systems - which would increase climate change emissions - what can we do in our retrofits to make our homes a cool haven in the hot weather, as well as cosy in the cold winter?

For a start - come to this session with expert engineer, Julie Godefroy, who has for many years studied buildings and their occupants, and researched overheating in existing homes, as well as leading the development of tools and guidance for preventing overheating in new homes, and in existing homes and retrofits by the Good Homes Alliance.

She will talk through some of the opportunities we already have at our fingertips to manage summer cooling in our homes, and some more active adaptations we can include in retrofit projects.

You'll be able to ask any questions at the end in the Q&A session.

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