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Large-scale pumped storage facilities are the biggest hydro generators in the UK. These are really big generators that we rely on to keep the lights on. They're especially useful as they can power up in a very short time to provide clean green electricity at times of peak demand. They're vital to the National Grid's energy mix and offer the flexibility of vast amounts of stored energy, as well as being zero carbon.

Name Location Power capacity (MW)

Dinorwig Power Station

Snowdonia, northwest Wales


Ben Cruachan Power Station

Hollowed-out mountain, Scotland


Ffestiniog Power Station

Gwynedd, northwest Wales


Foyers Power Station

Loch Mhor in the Scottish Highlands


Sloy Power Station

Loch Lomond, Scotland


The opportunities we have in Shropshire on the River Severn however are much smaller scale; – more along the lines of the regional and UK case studies:

Please see the links below for further case studies on small- to medium-scale hydro river-weir, run of river and penstock schemes:

Please find attached to this page, and in the videos below, some useful information and resources relating to hydro-powered energy generation.