Shropshire Council

How to apply for a voter authority certificate

Applying is easy, just follow these steps.

Step 1

You must be eligible to vote, and registered, to get a voter authority certificate. If you already have one of the accepted forms of photo ID, you don't need a voter authority certificate.

You can view the list of accepted photo ID and check what type of elections require photo ID on the Electoral Commission website.

Step 2

Having decided you need a voter authority certificate, you'll need the following information to complete an application:

  • Name (the same name that you used to register to vote)
  • Address (the address you are registered to vote at)
  • Date of birth
  • National insurance number 
  • A recent photo (the photo you provide must meet certain requirements in terms of style, quality and size, which are similar to the requirements for a passport photo)

You won't need to provide your gender, and your certificate won't have a gender marker.

If you don't provide either a date of birth or national insurance number, you'll be asked for other documents to verify your identity, which may mean it takes longer to process your application.

Step 3

Complete the online application form


Visit Shropshire Local (Shrewsbury) or Shropshire Local (Ludlow) or Shropshire Local Mobile service where you can get help completing the online application form and have a photo taken upload any required documents.


Request a paper application form be posted to you by emailing or calling 0345 678 9015


Download an application form from the Electoral Commission’s website