Shropshire Council

How we reduce disruption

There are many ways that the Street Works team actively tries to minimise the impact of works and activities on motorists and other road users. For example:

  • Wherever possible, and within the remit of the safety code of practice, the team is able to assess temporary traffic management proposals and liaise with works promoters to ensure that works are undertaken using the least disruptive method of traffic management possible
  • For major projects we endeavour to ensure that works promoters actively carry out consultation and communications with all relevant stakeholders prior to commencement, so that they get the chance to discuss the proposals and how it affects them, and identify any potential issues
  • Where major reconstruction or resurfacing works have taken place, we're also able to put a Section 58 “freedom from disturbance” restriction on any further planned on that street for up to five years (with the exception of new connections or emergencies). You can find out more about Section 58 restrictions and find out which roads in Shropshire have restrictions proposed and in force from our Section 58 webpage
  • Challenging works durations – the team will always scrutinise the description of the works and assess whether the duration requested is appropriate for the works. If not we'll challenge them to ensure that highway occupation is as minimal as possible
  • Collaborative works – this is one of the most important ways in which we try to reduce disruption by encouraging works promoters to work together and share the same excavation or traffic management wherever this is practicable and possible. Find out how we've done recently with this on our 'Good news stories' page.