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Take a look at the following video which explains our Let's Talk Local service...

When you contact Shropshire Council, if it isn't possible to resolve your enquiry online or over the phone, then you'll be offered a ‘Let’s Talk Local’ appointment with a Social Care Practitioner. These appointments can be offered face to face with a community-based venue, or virtually via telephone or video call.

The adviser you initially speak to over the phone will establish whether you need support to be fully involved in any discussions or assessments that are carried out. If this is the case you'll have the opportunity to nominate a suitable person to help you. If you're unable to nominate a suitable person we can assist you in finding an independent advocate to help provide you with the necessary support.

During your appointment, the practitioner you see may need to take some notes, but any information we wish to keep on record will have to be agreed with you first. This information will be put into a form called a personal profile. They may ask questions such as:

  • What's really important to you in relation to having a good life, staying independent and living in the community?
  • What's working currently for you, what isn’t, and what needs to change?

Finally, a short action plan with a list of who's going to do what will be created (some or all of these actions may need to be done by you).

Some people find it helpful to spend some time considering what they’d like to discuss during their appointment, and the following guide can assist with this - Preparing for a Care Act Assessment and Support Planning.

For more information, please call First Point of Contact using the contact details below.