Shropshire Council

Getting the help you need

When you, or someone on your behalf, first contacts us you're likely to speak to the First Point of Contact Team, and you'll be asked some key questions about your personal details and the circumstances you're in. You'll also be asked if you need support to continue with the conversation, and whether you know of someone who can provide this support. Alternative forms of support are available if you can't identify a suitable person.

In the first instance, you'll be offered an appointment in a Let's Talk Local hub for a further discussion. These appointments are a great way for you to get the answers you need quickly.

If it's necessary to carry out an assessment of your needs, you'll be informed so that you can prepare. We've produced a handy guide to having an assessment, which will give you more information.

To have a discussion with a skilled advisor, call 0345 678 9044. The links on this page give further information.