Shropshire Council

Greenacres Farm

Greenacres Farm avatarGreenacres is a day service for adults with learning  disabilities which provides a wide range of learning experiences in a realistic working environment.

Approximately 30 people access Greenacres on a daily basis and take part in a range of learning experiences centred around agricultural and horticultural activities.

Greenacres is able to offer a range of experiences in the following areas:

  • We currently have two free range poultry units and operate a registered egg packing station.
  • The horticultural area grows a range of perennial garden plants, bedding & basket plants, Christmas trees, soft fruit and vegetables. All produce is either sold fresh, or turned into jams, pickles and chutneys and sold through our own farm shop.
  • The concrete shop manufactures a range of patio slabs, garden ornaments, birdbaths and planters.
  • We have pigs on site seasonally, currently we have sheep keeping our grass tidy, a farm walk, wildlife and pond areas.

Greenacres also offers the chance to join in a weekly walking group at destinations in the beautiful Shropshire countryside and various social events, including open days, BBQ’s, Christmas meals etc.

What do we do?

We support our users to get involved in a number of activities such as:

  • Animal husbandry - cleaning, feeding and general care of our animals on site etc.
  • Producing concrete items - getting involved in the making of the concrete products.
  • Growing seeds - planting the seeds and looking after them, watering etc.
  • Making jams and chutneys - helping to prepare the vegetables and fruit, jarring it up and labelling.
  • Local sales - loading up the van with the sales goods, setting up the stall and selling to the public.
  • Woodwork items - helping to prepare the wood, and finishing the item ready for sale.
  • Egg packing room - collecting eggs, cleaning eggs, boxing and labelling them ready for sale.
  • Healthy lunches - preparing and cooking the ingredients ready for lunch.
  • Maintaining the site - mowing the grass, cutting the hedges, weeding and general tidying up.
  • On site sales - people attending our service will help display the shop items and assist customers.