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Brexit information for businesses

In the event of a no-deal Brexit, parliament has introduced changes to UK legislation. These changes are being made to anticipate the UK leaving the EU, and to create a framework for a UK market to replace that of the EU market. The UK government is working on new agreements to replace EU trade agreements after Brexit.

Weighing and measuring equipment

Manufacturers of weighing and measuring equipment currently mark the equipment with a CE mark and M mark to demonstrate compliance. The UKCA marking will replace CE marking for instruments placed on the UK market. The M marking will still be required. Packaged goods currently e-marked will require a UK equivalent after exit day. Further guidance is available using the links below:

Product safety

Legislative changes will require products to be re-labelled for goods sold in the UK. The CE mark will still apply to goods sold in the EU after exit day. Businesses that sell goods supplied from the EU after exit day will be regarded as importers and will have greater responsibilities to check compliance, and there will be changes in the labelling requirements. To see how these changes may affect your business, use the relevant links below:

Trade marks

This relates to European Union trade marks only and sets out the changes to UK law in the event of a no deal. 

All businesses seeking further advice on weights and measures or product safety can contact Trading Standards on 0345 678 9000.