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Market Drayton Future Connectivity Plan

  • Period: 09 May 2022 - 10 June 2022
  • Status: Closed
  • Audiences: Everyone
  • Topics: Community and living, Traffic management, Transport, Business and economy
  • Type: Public

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Introduction and overview

We are undertaking ‘public engagement’ with the community on a number of forward-thinking transport, public space and connectivity proposals for Market Drayton and are inviting local residents to comment on which of the ideas they would like to see come forward. Proposals for Market Drayton include improvements to public realm and crossings on key streets in the town centre, a new walking and cycling circuit which will make better use of the River Tern, improvements to bus routing and road safety improvements at key junctions.

These schemes have been prepared following extensive data analysis, site assessments and engagement with council officers and local councillors. We are now sharing the proposals with the community to help shape and develop a ‘future connectivity plan’ for Market Drayton. Whilst there are currently no budgets available to take identified transport schemes forward, the final future connectivity plan will assist us in trying to secure scheme funding from The Marches LEP, government and the private sector to help make Market Drayton a better place to live, work and visit. The work could also help to justify release of Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) funding to help deliver the schemes.

To successfully secure development funding to progress schemes, proposals need to have public backing. We are therefore asking the public for their thoughts on some initial ideas. The outcomes of this period of public engagement will help inform which schemes we undertake further scheme development work on, and which schemes we look to identify funding for.

Why is investment needed?

From a transport, access and connectivity perspective, key challenges facing Market Drayton now, and in the future, include:

  • Operation of the town centre highway network needs to be reviewed to enhance pedestrian priority on key shopping streets
  • Congestion in the town centre is exacerbated by loading and unloading of vehicles outside of dedicated loading bays
  • Entrances and gateways into the town centre need to be enhanced
  • Current waiting facilities and passenger information for buses are dated and need to be improved to enhance passenger experience when travelling by bus. Investment is needed in infrastructure and services to ensure bus is a high quality and attractive mode of travel
  • Existing walking and cycling infrastructure needs to be upgraded to support sustainable travel movements and to help deliver high-quality walking and cycling routes around the town centre
  • Existing greenspaces such as Market Drayton Town Park feel segregated and disconnected from the town centre
  • Highway safety concerns at the Newcastle Road Junction leading onto the A53
  • Potential development sites such as Tern Hill, Victoria Wharf and the Greenfields Sports Facility will need to be served by high quality walking, cycling and public transport links to help open these sites and encourage users to travel to, from and within the sites by sustainable travel modes
  • The capacity of Tern Hill Roundabout needs to be increased to support existing traffic flows and when further development in the area increases the volume of traffic using the roundabout

Vision and objectives

Key transport, public space and connectivity challenges identified for Market Drayton have been used to inform a holistic, long term vision and series of objectives for transport in the town over the next ten years. These also reflect the strategic themes of local and regional transport and planning policy.

The vision for Market Drayton is as follows:

“Market Drayton is an attractive market town with strong heritage and cultural assets. The aspiration for this study is to identify a series of transport and public realm improvements to be delivered over the next ten years which will enhance the attractiveness of the town and ensure Market Drayton remains a thriving and prosperous town where people aspire to live, work and visit.”

To achieve this vision, the following objectives have been identified:

1. Support local priorities to improve the historic character of Market Drayton by de-trafficking the town centre and investing in better public realm at key locations in the town.
2. Improve the attractiveness and safety of walking and cycling into and around the town centre through the delivery of a comprehensive active travel network.
3. Improve public transport infrastructure and routing to provide efficient and attractive alternatives to private car travel, reducing numbers of single occupancy car journeys and helping to address the climate emergency.
4. Enhance wayfinding and navigation at key gateways and destinations in the town centre and on approaches to Market Drayton.
5. Invest in transport infrastructure both in the town centre and at key destinations to support the growth of existing and new businesses and strategic development.

Developing solutions

A draft long list of schemes has been identified, with early design work taking place on a number of these schemes to articulate how the scheme might come forward. The proposed investments are split over a number of key themes:

  • Walking and cycling
  • Public space and movement
  • Public transport
  • Highways

Key schemes identified include:

1. Enhanced walking and cycling connections: to encourage sustainable movements to key employment sites such as Tern Valley Business Park, Muller and Palethorpes, a series of walking and cycling schemes have been identified, including a walking and cycling circuit around the town centre.
2. Town centre public realm and pedestrian priority: a series of schemes have been identified to deliver public realm improvements on key shopping streets in Market Drayton town centre to support safer pedestrian movements and to improve quality of place.
3. Public transport improvements: to encourage greater public transport patronage in Market Drayton, a series of schemes have been identified including an on demand electric hopper bus, enhanced on street bus infrastructure and an enhanced bus station.
4. Highway improvements: indicative designs have been developed to redesign key junctions, helping to enhance capacity and support improved traffic flows and safety.

Enhanced walking and cycling connections

Improving walking and cycling connections to, from and within the town will encourage and enable more journeys to be made by sustainable transport modes. This package of measures will deliver improved walking and cycling connections to the existing National Cycle Network and a new ‘Market Drayton Greenway’. The Greenway would create a circuit for walking and cycling which connects to key employment sites such as Tern Valley Business Park, Muller and Palethorpes and supports safe walking and cycling journeys alongside the A53 and River Tern.

Please note that an earlier version of the map below suggested potential walking and cycling improvements could be made along Tayleur Drive. This proposal was incorrectly mapped. Tayleur Drive is privately owned and only a short section of the drive is a restricted byway, connecting Buntingsdale Road to the public footpath that links to Sutton Road. The proposal for Tayleur Drive has now been withdrawn and is not being explored further by Shropshire Council.


Walking and cycling improvements map

Image and description of proposal

Improved bus routing and connections

To support enhanced public transport movements in Market Drayton and to strengthen connections to key employment sites, the following schemes have been proposed:

  • Improved bus servicing to the town centre core - regular and reliable bus services
  • On-demand electric hopper bus serving residential and employment sites as well as local services and amenities
  • Improved on-street bus facilities – more dropped kerbs for mobility-impaired users, high quality shelters and electronic boards with real-time service information for passengers at each bus stop
  • Enhanced bus station – redevelopment of the existing bus station to create an inviting and attractive public transport hub

Map of proposal

Shropshire Street, St Mary’s Street and High Street public realm improvements

This scheme will deliver streetscape and public realm improvements on Shropshire Street, St Mary’s Street and High Street to deliver a high quality, attractive public environment in the town centre. These improvements will help make the town centre a more attractive place to live, work and visit and help to support existing and new town centre businesses.

Shropshire Street map

Image and description of proposal

Newcastle Road/A53 safety improvement scheme

This scheme will see a redesign of the Newcastle Road/A53 junction to enhance overall junction safety by reducing traffic speeds on the approach into the town centre, widening the pedestrian footways surrounding the junction and enhancing visibility for vehicles turning onto the A53 from the town centre.

Image of proposal

Cheshire Street public realm improvements

This scheme will deliver public realm and crossing improvements to support safer pedestrian movements into the town centre from Frogmore Road and the bus station. The scheme will help tackle the problem that existing crossing points are not provided on the pedestrian desire line into the town centre.

Cheshire St map

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We want to hear what your thoughts on our transport and movement proposals for Market Drayton, to help shape and define the final transport plan. We have identified a series of questions which we would like you to respond to by Friday 10 June. We will review all comments and suggestions submitted as part of the public consultation once it has closed. We will then incorporate your feedback and prepare a final Market Drayton Future Connectivity Plan, which will be available for the public to read on our website.

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