Shropshire Council

Ludlow activities and events update

17 June 2022 Last updated at 03:53

We have decided to extend the opening time at The Quakers Meeting House (QMH) on Saturday from 3pm-5pm to 1pm-5pm. This will allow hosts and families to take part in, or watch, the Ludlow Carnival. There will be a procession from Corve Street at 2.30pm.

Also, the Ludlow Fringe is taking place from Sunday 19 June for three weeks. many of the events are free, and there is absolutely something for everyone to enjoy.

On Saturday we will give a warm welcome to all, and hope that volunteers (and would be volunteers ) will be able to attend, at some point between 1pm and 5pm when we will:

  • Offer opportunities to meet new Ukraine families and for hosts to get together, provide refreshments, and offer a wide range of support
  • Carry out English diagnostic tests, the ‘learner’ will then be given a date and time to attend classes
  • Talk to you about the English language ‘conversation’ sessions that we will be providing, and how they will be scheduled
  • Issue SIM cards to guests (if they are required) - this provides six months of Vodaphone data (20gb)
  • Provide laptops to use while you are at the hub
  • Talk to potential volunteers about particular roles that are needed, all are flexible to fit in with you and volunteers can offer as much or as little time as they wish. All volunteers must hold an enhanced DBS check - we can organise this at no cost to the volunteer

Current roles include:

  • Volunteer drivers to support people attending appointments such as Jobcentre, English language classes etc
  • ESOL teaching (we have a lead volunteer for overseeing the teaching/teachers)
  • Support with conversation classes (we have a lead volunteer for this, but need more volunteers)
  • Meet and greet, help with refreshments (we have a volunteer lead for this, but more volunteers would be welcome)
  • Providing or sourcing activities for children at the QMH and elsewhere
  • Organising social events for hosts and guests, including meals together, cooking together picnics etc
  • Setting up a social media feed for the support group
  • Liasion with hosts to gain feedback on activities or support that may be useful for them and/or families
  • Help with finding job opportunities for refugees

DBS application form and supporting documentation checking advice will be offered on the day.

Please contact Erica Garner on 07974001310 for more information.