Shropshire Council

Ludlow Refugee Support Group

30 June 2022 Last updated at 04:30

Dear hosts, guests, volunteers and supporters

We'll be using the Quakers Meeting House (QMH) as our base, so, for the foreseeable future all of our teaching, conversation classes, and Saturday gatherings will be at the QMH, St Marys Lane Ludlow SY8 1DZ.

Saturday meet ups

The next gathering is 3pm–5pm Saturday 2 July 2022. Erica won't be able to attend, but Bridget and John Cherry will be there to meet you, issue SIM cards if required and to ensure any queries that you may have are dealt with on the day or passed on to Erica, or Jacki Moore, the teaching coordinator.

We'll be using other venues for a range of different social activities and these will be identified as and when they are set up.

Just as a reminder, English assessments, teaching and conversation classes take place as follows:

  • English diagnostic - Saturday afternoons 3pm-5pm. Once an assessment is made lessons can commence the following week. The teacher completing the assessment will talk to the student about what may be the most convenient teaching session to attend.
  • English lessons - Tuesdays 10pm-11:45am (three levels of classes)
  • English lessons - Thursdays 1:30pm-3:15pm (three levels of classes)
  • Conversation sessions - Saturday mornings 10am-11:30am

Free SIM cards and loan iPads/tablets

Free SIM cards available for guests and iPads/tablets for loan for 3+ months. Please let us know if these are needed for guests. We also have two laptops that can be used at the Meeting House during the Saturday afternoon sessions, they just need to be set up.

Children’s clothes

Please do get in touch if you need any additional clothes for your family, particularly for children. Just state the age and sex of child, and we can ask the Shrewsbury hub if they have a selection we could have in Ludlow.

School uniform

Is this something you may need for the September term? If so, please state which school age and sex of child and sizing required and we will try to find uniform.

Toys, games and books

We're looking for two ride on toys suitable for indoor and outdoor use for 2 x two year old toddlers, can you help? The Shrewsbury hub have checked the toy store but no ride-ons were unearthed!

If you have any toys for all age groups and games that could be used on Saturdays and or to take home and then swap, please bring them into the QMH.

Job opportunities

Kerry, Tenbury Wells, have a range of job opportunities in food production.

There may be some work to help renovate cottages at Tugford, please contact us if you're interested.

School holidays

We're looking to provide some activities for all age ranges through the school holidays, we'll keep you posted but if you'd like to be part of organising some activities please let us know. One of our guests has volunteered to do some children’s face painting for free as part of a wider activity.


We're aware that the lack of public transport is a major issue when trying to attend appointments or social activities, please do get in touch if we can help, we have a few volunteers who are willing to provide transport.

Social events

We're trying to find out what guests may like to do to unwind, relax and socialise. Therefore, please let us know if there would be any interest in the following:

  • Yoga – this would be in Ludlow (but not at the QMH)
  • Picnics (and any suggestions for the venue)
  • Cooking Ukrainian food together – in Ludlow
  • BBQs
  • Films
  • Craft sessions for children in the school holidays
  • Clay workshop for children
  • Sports activities for children
  • Meal together 21 July 2022 – in Ludlow

Any other areas of help you may be able to offer gratefully received. Please contact Erica Garner on 07974 001310 for more information.