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Shropshire Supports Refugees - feedback

21 September 2022 Last updated at 09:11

Feedback from people who have been helped by Shropshire Supports Refugees since fleeing the war in Ukraine and arriving in Shropshire...

"Wonderful Amanda and her whole team - beautiful, kind, responsive - native people with big hearts!"
"Understanding, sympathy, care, kindness, love - these are the true commandments of human life, which are given to us by our English friends!"
"Crazy support at the hub in Shrewsbury, thank you Amanda and the team. I received support with English lessons, provision of clothes for me and my daughters, various excursions and concerts, a boat ride and warm tea!"
"My children and I are very, very grateful to you for the fact that there is a centre for Ukrainians, our hub. This is a place where we can always come to chat with our compatriots, hear a good and friendly word from you, the English, drink coffee, eat, learn English and even pick up clothes and shoes. This is VERY important to us now that we are away from home and somewhat limited financially. We always have the opportunity to look into a corner of Ukraine and feel its spirit, as Ukrainian citizens gather in the centre. Once again, thank you very much for your great care, facilitating our adaptation in England and the great support from the local authority."
"Our lovely guest arrived in April. She is a single young woman who is trying very hard to make the best of a bad situation. It was brilliant being able to bring her to the hub where she knew there was help available, particularly in the early days, before she found employment. She was very happy to receive a phone card and has since made use of the hub. All agencies have been very helpful and made it easy for her to access NHS number, BRP,  universal credit etc. She brings so much more to our household than we can give her. It is a very positive experience for us. For us the gas checks, home visits etc we’re done relatively quickly given the mammoth task of organising for so many guests in the county. Thank you for your help and support."