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The following resources are available for all practitioners in Shropshire settings to help them support children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities.

Autism Education Trust - Transition Toolkit

The Transition Toolkit 'Helping you support a child through change' from Autism Education Trust is a summary of the common issues surrounding transition for young people on the autism spectrum, as well as a guide to the considerations that should be taken by those supporting them. It offers some practical strategies to support transition periods as well as provide a list of useful links to other organisations and support materials.

Transition is not just about major changes that occur in phases throughout life. There are many transitions that occur during a typical day. For example, from one task to another; moving from one room to another; from home to school/ college; inside to outside; class time to break time. As life moves from babyhood to childhood to adolescence to adulthood, so are there many transitions: from home to nursery, to school, to secondary school, to college, to life beyond. Many people find changes difficult, even more so those on the autism spectrum.

Anna Freud National Centre for Children & Families - Managing the transition back to school; a guide for schools and colleges

As schools and colleges are starting to welcome increasing numbers of pupils back to their settings. Managing the transition back to school addresses some of what the research tells us about the challenges faced by children and young people during the coronavirus crisis, and looks towards preparation and support to be implemented now and once children and young people return to school. 

Educational Psychology Service - Advice for Schools Transition Booklet

EPS - Advice for Schools Transition Booklet provides advice on how schools can support their children and young people in managing the transition back to school. Research suggests that many children and young people can find the transition between schools unsettling and stressful. Following the current Public Health Crisis (Covid-19) it is likely that many children and young people will experience similar feelings when they return to school once social isolation ends, especially those who are vulnerable, have special educational needs, or are moving to a new school.

Educational Psychology Service - COVID-19 Back to School PowerPoint

EPS - COVID-19 Back to School PowerPoint has been provided by Shropshire EPS to be delivered in school by the SENCo. The presentation has been designed to offer schools some support around thinking about the needs of the children/young people and how they will need to be supported in transition back into school or their new class.

Evidence for Learning - A Recovery Curriculum

A Recovery Curriculum: Loss and life for our children and schools post pandemic is built on the 5 Levers, as a systematic, relationships-based approach to reigniting the flame of learning in each child. Many children will return to school disengaged. School may seem irrelevant after a long period of isolation, living with a background of silent fear, always wondering if the day will come when the silence speaks and your life is changed forever. Our quest, our mission as educators, should be to journey with that child through a process of re-engagement, which leads them back to their rightful status as a fully engaged, authentic learner.

SEN Team - Shropshire Provision for SEND A Guide for Mainstream Schools

Shropshire Provision for SEND - A Guide for Mainstream Schools is a guidance booklet for ALL school practitioners working with children and young people.

Shropshire Council - Podcast Supporting children back into school after lockdown

The Education Improvement Service in collaboration with Social Care have made a Podcast available for all staff in schools, to support children coming back into school after lockdown. The purpose of the podcast is to remind staff of the importance of conversations with children and young people about their experiences of lockdown, and how this may lead to some children telling us about abuse. Staff will need to feel equipped in how to deal with allegations of abuse, therefore the Podcast will reinforce the messages given in safeguarding training. The podcast can be accessed via this link:

Spectra - Specialist Reintegration Support

Spectra are offering Specialist Reintegration Support to enable children, families and schools to reconnect as the impact of coronavirus and lockdown cannot be underestimated. Anxiety, feelings of loss and the subsequent changes to lives may have significantly impacted the mental health of children and young people and potentially increased the needs of those with pre-existing conditions and SEND.

As schools begin to invite more children back into schools, Spectra can provide additional nurturing and therapeutic support for children and families to help guide them through this process.

Woodlands Outreach - Transition Support Offer

Woodlands Outreach is committed to supporting transition back to school following lock down and onto secondary schools in any way they can to help our schools, parents and pupils. They have a number of free and purchased options schools can choose from on their Transition Support Offer to suit the setting and to support children and young people.