Shropshire Council

Disabled persons’ parking place marking

Please note that this service is under review. Applications for the following services are not currently being taken:

  • Disabled parking bays
  • H-bars/keep clears
  • Highway mirrors
  • Tourism signing

This website will be updated once these services resume.

Carriageway disabled persons’ parking place markings are advisory markings to assist with the provision of parking facilities for Blue Badge holders who do not have suitable off-street parking facilities.

Please note, these advisory markings only and can't be enforced by either us or the police.

The following general conditions apply:

Eligibility to submit an application

  • Applicants must be the holder of a current and valid Blue Badge.
  • They must also have regular use of and drive a car, or another member of the household who lives permanently at the address owns and drives a car on their behalf.

Eligibility does not mean entitlement and it may be found after survey that a bay cannot be marked due to existing parking restrictions, road safety or traffic management issues.

Existing parking restrictions

Disabled persons’ parking place markings are not permitted where waiting restrictions exist either at the proposed location or in close proximity. If you are in doubt as to whether this condition may affect your application please contact us for further clarification prior to submission.

Off-street parking

Applications will not normally be considered if there are existing off-street parking facilities or space for such facilities at the address.


Applicants accept that disabled persons’ parking place markings are provided as advisory only markings which can be used by any other Blue Badge holders and that neither the Police nor Shropshire Council can take action against those parking vehicles on the markings whether a Blue Badge holder or not.

Extent of marking

Disabled persons’ parking place markings are placed along the length of the carriageway and typically extend to length of 5 metres by 1.8 metres wide.

Shared frontage

If the requested bay overlaps the frontage of your neighbour(s) you must submit their letter(s) of written consent along with the application.

Payment of application fee

A payment of £75 must be enclosed with your application form in order for it to be processed. This fee is to cover the cost of processing and investigating your request and is non-refundable. Payment of this application fee does not guarantee that your application will be approved.


Photographs submitted with your application may expedite the application process. Photographs facing the frontage of your property, together with photographs from either side of your property, showing the proposed location of the parking place on the highway would be most appropriate.

Cost of provision of marking

The cost of providing a disabled persons’ marking is currently £275 including VAT. This is inclusive of the £75 application fee described above. Subject to approval of your application and on payment of the £200 fee balance, we will arrange for our contractors to undertake the work.


On approval of a disabled persons’ parking place application, the work will be booked in. We are unable to quote a specific time frame. However, other planned works in the area will be reviewed and the markings would be scheduled in around this, which unfortunately could take up to 6 months. 

Removal of disabled persons’ parking place markings

The council retains the right to remove the markings and is under no obligation to maintain or replace the marking should they fade, deteriorate or in the event of any works in the highway or traffic schemes.

Shropshire Council reserves the right to alter, amend or revoke these conditions at any time.