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Reducing parental conflict

We all have arguments – how do you resolve yours?

In Shropshire we recognise that conflict between parents is normal, whether those parents are in a relationship together or not, but sometimes conflict happens frequently and isn’t always resolved. 

Conflict happens for several reasons such as job loss, financial problems, separation, death, parenting, having a new baby, and friends and family differences.

This can affect parents and their children in many ways, including feeling unhappy, hurt, and frustrated.  At times parents might need a little bit of help with their relationship and some support for their family. 

Our short video talks about why reducing parental conflict matters to children...

Where can I go for support?

  • Contact Citizens Advice for issues relating to housing, law, benefits and relationships
  • The Money Advice Service offers guidance on all things finance related: debt and borrowing, budget management and saving, renting and mortgages, divorce and separation etc. If you want to speak to someone they offer a web chat, or you can phone them on 0800 138 7777.
  • Relate is a national organisation that offers support and guidance to individuals and families regarding their relationships. They have counselling services, online resources and offer a web chat.
  • Across Shropshire there is a network of Early Help professionals who are trained to give you some early support to better understand and manage relationship conflict. 
  • Local mediation and counselling services.

If at any time you feel unsafe you can contact, in confidence, the following agencies:

More detailed information can be found from the links below...