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Draft Indoor Leisure Facilities Strategy for Shropshire - 2017 to 2022

  • Period: 20 March 2017 - 08 May 2017
  • Status: Closed
  • Audiences: Everyone
  • Topics: Leisure and culture
  • Type: Public


As an established brand, leisure facilities have enormous potential to meet the sport, recreation and other needs of local communities. However, since the Indoor Leisure Facilities Strategy for Shropshire was originally written in 2009 the severe pressures on the public finances make it increasing difficult to support sustainable, affordable and future proofed provision.

The strategy is firmly embedded within a range of opportunities that increase physical activity levels, and use physical activity and sport to raise aspirations, support health improvements, tackle inequality in communities, grow the economy, create more jobs and underpin the continued social, physical and economic regeneration of neighbourhoods.

Summary of the draft strategy

The draft indoor leisure facilities strategy for Shropshire sets out a vision in which the provision of indoor leisure facilities will support a wider vision in which “Shropshire will be a county where healthier, active lifestyles are encouraged, supported and facilitated for everyone”.

The strategy sets out minimum leisure facility provision to meet the needs of Shropshire residents.  It comprises Leisure Hubs in six locations and Community Leisure Centres in a further four locations. 89% of Shropshire residents will be able to access leisure centres within one of these ten locations within a 20-minute drive time. In setting this out the strategy recognises that the way that people access leisure provision is much more complicated than this simple analysis suggests, for example, not everyone has access to a car, and public transport options are more limited in rural areas.

The strategy also recognises that residents have access to leisure facilities in neighbouring authority areas and that there are many other options available to residents including private discount gyms, health spas, community halls, school community facilities, etc.

In setting out minimum leisure facility provision the strategy seeks to clarify the role of the Council as a commissioner and partner and/or enabler of leisure facility provision.

The strategy will be supported by the development of a detailed action plan to cover the period 2017/18 to 2021/22, which will be reviewed in the context of the Council’s financial position. 

The strategy sets out the Council’s preferred course of action, but, of course, the ability of the Council to support leisure facilities beyond 2018/19 will be determined in due course as the Council’s medium term financial position becomes more clearly defined.

The strategy is underpinned by an understanding of the unique character of Shropshire and the opportunities and issues facing its residents. Leisure consultants, Strategic Leisure Ltd., supported the Council in the development of a detailed Needs Assessment for Shropshire. In developing this Needs Assessment, Shropshire Council has taken into account guidance issued by Sport England.

While the Council does not have any statutory duties to provide leisure facilities, it has responsibility to meet Disability Discrimination Act, Equality Act and broader social inclusion requirements. An Equality and Social Inclusion Impact Assessment has been prepared, and this will be kept under review in the context of the finalisation of the strategy and the development of a detailed delivery plan. 

Supporting documents for this draft strategy are attached to this page and include:

  • Draft strategy
  • Needs assessment and supporting appendices
  • Equality and Social Inclusion Impact Assessment

A public consultation was first undertaken between 29 July and 30 September 2016 on the development of a new Indoor Sports Facilities Strategy for Shropshire, 2017-2037.

90 responses were received to this consultation, alongside key stakeholder contributions provided from Energize the Shropshire and Telford & Wrekin County Sports Partnership, Sport England, Telford & Wrekin Council and others.

The responses to the consultation have been summarised and, in the context of both the Council’s on-going financial situation and an emerging agenda that places physical activity at the heart of individual and community wellbeing, have informed a redraft of the strategy. The summary is attached to this page.

We now wish to consult further with the public and stakeholders on the draft strategy before seeking to finalise it.  We want to fully understand the needs and views of as many members of the community as possible to help us plan the best way to support the provision of leisure facilities in the future. We want to hear from people who don’t currently use leisure facilities as well as people who do.

We are not consulting on the future location of swimming provision within Shrewsbury. This is subject to a process set out within detailed Terms of Reference confirmed by Shropshire Council Cabinet on the 28 September 2016. Take a look at the website for more information about this. 

How to comment

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The results of the consultation will be considered, and then used to inform the completion of the strategy.


The strategy has now been implemented. Find out more from our Leisure Services pages.

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